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Mortgages Reimagined

The mortgage industry offers tons of opportunities for those up to the challenge. Since there is a seemingly endless number of properties you can do business on, you can surely build a smooth cashflow and create a vast network. That’s why more and more individuals feel attracted to becoming loan officers and real estate agents. And a select few want to go beyond these professions to pursue a much bigger goal: starting their own mortgage company.

Learn how to turn this dream into reality here at The Heath Barnes Show! Join an experienced mortgage expert and coach for in-depth interviews and valuable insights from across the industry.



  Are you a loan officer struggling to get deals, missing phone calls, and just feeling lost in your day-to-day life? Then it’s time to get back to the basics with a color-coded calendar to help maximize your day. Make those calls to get those appointments with realtors. Follow up to get leads. Go to …

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  Most businesses today rely on word-of-mouth referrals to some extent. But what if you could tap into a referral network and get an influx of high-quality referrals regularly? In this episode, Larry Montani, Branch Manager at CrossCountry Mortgage, discusses why referrals are a smart way to fast-track business growth. He also explores the referral …

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  Money and mortgages are different now than it was in the past. Are you concerned about the market moving forward? Equip yourself with the knowledge to maintain a growth mindset despite the challenges. Join your host Heath Barnes as he sits down for a conversation with Tammy Wittren about the rise in interest rates, …

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  Do you want to provide your clients with a stress-free mortgage process? How can you achieve client satisfaction most effectively? Join your host Heath Barnes as he dives into a deep conversation with Roger Kube on making each moment count with your client. Roger is an accomplished 20-year mortgage advisor with a successful track …

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  People, especially entrepreneurs need to balance their goal lines with their soul lines. Soul lines mean personal growth, as opposed to goal lines, which mean the material side of things. Don’t spend too much focus on creating and maintaining a business. If you have a family, be present with them. Presence is the portal …

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  In order to grow and evolve, chasing opportunities should always be on your career to-do list. You only need to keep their eyes peeled for any chance of leveling up. Joining Heath Barnes is Barry Habib, Founder and CEO of MBS Highway. Together, they discuss how the opportunities you grab must give meaning to …

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