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Mortgages Reimagined

The mortgage industry offers tons of opportunities for those up to the challenge. Since there is a seemingly endless number of properties you can do business on, you can surely build a smooth cashflow and create a vast network. That’s why more and more individuals feel attracted to becoming loan officers and real estate agents. And a select few want to go beyond these professions to pursue a much bigger goal: starting their own mortgage company.

Learn how to turn this dream into reality here at The Heath Barnes Show! Join an experienced mortgage expert and coach for in-depth interviews and valuable insights from across the industry.



HBS 13 | Generating Leads

  Today on the Heath Barnes Show, I’m talking with Scott Evans, the number 1 producing loan officer at Cross Country’s ‘Core Training’ program and number 1 VA Lender in the country. Scott gives us some insight on not only how he got into the industry to be one of the top producing Loan Officers …

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HBS 12 | Transitioning Mortgage Companies

  Today on the Heath Barnes show, we’re speaking with Loan Officer and Branch Manager at Preferred Rate, Chris Haynes. Before joining Preferred, Chris had spent 16 years with the same organization, and in need of a change, he decided to make a transition to a different mortgage company. We had a great conversation about …

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HBS 11 | Amplify Your Influence

  Today on the Heath Barnes show, we’re speaking with sales and leadership expert René Rodriguez. For the last 25 years, René has researched and applied behavioral neuroscience as a dynamic keynote speaker, leadership advisor, world-class sales expert, and renowned speaker coach. This is a great conversation, full of actionable ideas on how to make …

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HBS 10 Brendan | Empowering Your Team

Today on the Heath Barnes show, we’re speaking with Brendan O’Driscoll, Co-Founder & Loan Officer at Treadstone Mortgage, the leading premier local mortgage company in West Michigan.  Brendan started as an engineer from college and moved into the mortgage business 24 years ago, co-founding Treadstone in 2003.  He’s gone on to build a fantastic team, …

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HBS 9 | Cryptocurrency

  Today on the Heath Barnes show, we’re speaking with Phil Bonello, partner with Plaintext Capital, a firm actively managing a portfolio of crypto assets by combining a venture investment framework with quantitative signals to manage risk. This is an exciting episode because although it’s not about mortgages, I’ve had many people ask for an …

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HBS 8 | Loan Officer Growth

  Today on the Heath Barnes show, we’re speaking with Steve Kyles, partner with Mortgage Marketing Animals, one of the top mortgage coaching programs in the country for Loan Officers, and top-producing branch manager at SMP. He’s also the host and founder of the energetic and value-packed Loan Officer Leadership Podcast, one of the top …

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